About the conference

Upon completing their graduate studies in Library and Information Science, early career librarians often lack the necessary training and skills to serve their communities and advance as leaders in their field. The need to provide new library professionals ongoing support is pressing and growing, as demonstrated by the first New Librarian Summit, held at California State University, Northridge in August of 2017.

The 2018 NLS conference will build upon the first by taking the NLS platform to a national level beyond the California State University System. An inspiration for the second NLS is the New Librarian Symposium in Australia, sponsored by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA). Like its Australian counterpart, we envision the NLS as an event that will create a venue where new librarians will feel comfortable to showcase their work and research with other new librarians.

The need for this type of event has become vital as the role of librarians and libraries is evolving. With the prevailing debate on fake news coupled with the increasing difficulty in finding quality information, the role of the librarian in information curation and literacy is ever more important. At the same time, public and academic libraries offer a trove of resources and services that help to educate the future workers and leaders of America and provide programming to build community relationships. The change places librarians as central figures in the community, making investments in their early careers of benefit to the people they serve, and fulfilling a professional need.

The organizing committee envisions the NLS as an event that will provide librarians with a space to learn and share from one another. Collectively, attendees acquire leadership skills so they can provide guidance and innovation in knowledge access, information literacy, and technology, thus helping the professional community while developing a more informed citizenry and society. In investing in early career librarians, the impact of NLS is as broad in reach as it is profound in influence.

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